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SomeAre Solstice - Reflections of the PEACE

How Shall It Be?

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River Guard

J. Carlstad


Raw voice of emotion taking over mind and soul

Churning, burning, wheedling, coaxing, choking, crying

Calling eternally

to me

Revolving, twisting, turning

Over and over

Incessantly, rhythmically

As the beating of this heart


‘Tis the cry of the ages

Before the dawning of time

The sun rises before

The fall of darkness

Only to see fiery rays

Light the sky

as it rises again

And yet – this river flows on

Connecting these strident notes

Forever bound

Within this soul

Beyond all imagining

And ever asking why?

Where does it all lead?  And so,

I try to follow and thus lead

In a quest where harmony and truth align

A quest to quench this

Thirst of this time


How Shall It Be?

By J. Carlstad


I try to reach out to you

I stand in the sun

Sipping the wine that is life

And converse with you unknown

Basking in the imagery

Of what these days have to bear

In the sounds of a darkening night


Birds sing spring songs

In a new day’s light

Flitting among the greening trees

A budding friendship

Aligning forces, freeing thoughts

Sharing the right to be


Immersed in the languages

That communicate the moments

In these times


The music in you

Is the music in me

Each note

A part of the other

So close yet so far away

Which when united

Flair into a classic melody

Combining history of the ages

Into now

I try to reach out to you

Will you show me how?


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"Be the Change You Wish To See In The World...." Gandhi
All Rights Reserved J. Carlstad 2008