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SomeAre Solstice - Reflections of the PEACE


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Fields of Light

Fields of Light

                                                By J. Carlstad


This morning

Stars abound

Revelations of enlightenment

‘midst skies of darkest depths

Three trees standing

   Reach high into the heavens


of all life

Dawning in pale blue

Unfolding to golden horizons


Clarity of existence

In the silhouettes

Of forests before me

Fields of thought

A gray pain of emotion

Blush into golden tones

 Presence, existence beyond price

Richly ripening grasses

Fanning feeling of familiarity


Into sweet agony

Of recognition and feeling

That knows

No bounds

     Before the fall

Harvesting emotions

In me today.

Serenity on the Peace


By J Carlstad


Words defy

This river of emotion

Flowing through the depths

Of my being…


As rivers before

It cuts through the bedrock

The history of our lives

Forming the soul

Of this existence

(‘mongst the leaves and the trees)…

Wearing away at the forces

Which try helplessly to control it

Eroding superficial layers

Confidence in our role…


That river knows my heart

For it has been there

And worn its groove

Along the ethereal essence

Its voice is heard

And acknowledged

As an undeniable force

Carrying me along

Eddying past the whirlpools

And over the rocks

Of challenge

Standing before me


Amidst a rippling rush of springtime notes

Muddy waters and swirling current

I try to maintain balance

But am caught up in the moment

Heart’s recognition of greater focus

Than destiny dreamed

Brings dawning realization to

What has been all along


The river flows on…

Spring river waters

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