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SomeAre Solstice - Reflections of the PEACE

Fantasy and Romance

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Vaer Deg Selv  (Be Yourself!) - Norse Soul Journey and Viking Exploration - Past and Present...



By J. M. Carlstad


There was a merry maid

From the river and the dale

She was of the sylvan glade

The waterfall - her misty veil


Her dress did flow so long and white

Fair hair in tendrils fell

Blue eyes like rippling water bright

Sun’s rays shone where she’d dwell


The maid she wore her tartan dear

Draped ‘cross her shoulders there

Clan’s motto said she’d have no fear

She wore it well - her emblem fair


She walked with her heart - oh

Upon her sleeve she’d wear

Handing out hope and help

For those in need she’d care


The merry maid she walked and pondered

Tales of the world, her land

She wondered and she wondered

How to help others take a stand


Against the troubles of humanity

And trying to establish peace

It was her hope that somehow

These troubles would one day cease


So, she spent her time each day

Spreading happiness and hope

It simply was her special way

Of helping her people cope


She tried to do her best

To help children great and small

She never liked to rest

Wanting them to have it all


But sometimes the maid grew tired

And sometimes she felt alone

Sometimes life’s tragedy would strike at her soul

‘Twas then she’d wander her woodlands

letting sadness take its toll


‘Twas Peace she’d find in her woodlands

Where she felt so much at home.


One fair day our merry maid

Was walking, as was her way

Wondering at the marvels of nature

Brought her way that very day


By and by she came along

And listening on the wind

She heard the faint strains of a song

Heard the strings of a violin


The melody it rose and fell

The leaves swept up around her

She crept quietly to look over the dale

Never once did her step founder


There spied the maid a mystical sight

The music it was all around her

Then suddenly over his shoulder he looked

The Lord turned and suddenly found her


A wondrous musician this lord of the dale

His bow was caught up in a dance

Nary a string did his bow fail

while his gaze was as sharp as a lance


A tartan he wore o’er his shoulder

His long hair curled down o’er his back

She wished she were a wee bolder

But courage she seemed now to lack



He played on a while and she listened

Before flowing into the dale for a dance

She swayed with the music, like the wind in the trees

Almost as if in a trance


Then his eyes came to rest upon her

And she wondered at what she saw

For the expression she saw in his eyes so blue

Now left her humbled and quite in awe


She couldn’t quite meet his look

She didn’t know what to say or do

But in her heart she knew him of old

And she felt that he knew her too


Then raising her eyes  - his to meet

Souls met in the river of blue

The fusion was complete

Flowing between intense eyes of the Two


The sunlight so bright became blinding

And the river began to churn

In a maelstrom of waters a-winding

So fiery did their energy burn

Macrocosmic was the force

Intense was the white light

synergy at its source

‘most heavenly was the sight


Such energy whirled all about them

You could have felt it had you been there

Leaves spiralled up and around them

Circling up and through the fresh air


Then sun spilled over the water

Reflection almost too bright to bear

Our merry maid –  nature’s daughter

joined her lord right then and right there!


The violin played in a whirlwind of joy

Sweeping them up and away

Together they walked through the forest

Together they walked through the glade

He called her “his angel”

She called him M’Lord

Thus together forever they stayed


Maybe ‘twas just the whisper of trees

Maybe ‘tis but an old tale

Yet truth and hope lives on in hearts  free

A legacy we must not fail


Sometimes to this day if you listen

to the winds from the river and dale

You’ll feel the Sun’s warmth as it glistens

By the waters so blue ‘long life’s trail

And softly upon the breeze

you’ll hear a song on a violin played

and you’ll know in your heart it’s the song of great Love

‘tween  a lord and his merry maid


In spirit they walk through the forest

In spirit they walk through the glade

He calls her his angel

She calls him “M’Lord

Thus together forever they’ve stayed









"Be the Change You Wish To See In The World...." Gandhi
All Rights Reserved J. Carlstad 2008