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SomeAre Solstice - Reflections of the PEACE

Viking Forests
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by J. Skutle Carlstad
Now, I venture through the Viking Forests of yesteryear
bringing to bear past, present, and future as an heir
of northern waters, winter snows, solstice sun - and so it goes...

I write these poems to celebrate this journey...                             seek the Peace, and recognize my roots in the spirit of a land,  beyond time - Ásátru -                                                       Seeking Truth,

New ways, old ways, in new days...

I see ravens tumble up on high,                                              While swans in flight reflect days gone by...

In Faith                                                                                             Feel fierce reality of ice and snow, salty brine and chill wind, seabirds moaning from rocky cliffs...


I bring the circle round, roaming this sea of knowledge,

sailing this legacy, this life, min langskip, my longship...

seeking new horizons in a New Age,

through the seething tides of technology, environment, human strife...

And like Vikings of olde, I sail o’er these waves,

And embrace the tides,

The challenges, the glories of days!!!

But now bringing people together as one,

In this world, on this Earth Under ONE Sun!

Hear OUR music, Of Land, Sea, and Sky -

Yes! hear it ROAR! Feel it tremble, whisper and sigh,

And then OUT it will pour!

Notes that cascade

Like waterfall to river flow...

Bearing our melodies to ocean depths as they go,

And then,

Deep and low,

Building from the heart of the Earth -

Our voices will raise

As vapour, shining forth in a rainbow of all colors up through the skies,

Where under ONE Sun - The whole universe may realize...

We are ALL people And together, can be ONE...

Sharing our music, our stories UNDER ONE SUN!

"Be the Change You Wish To See In The World...." Gandhi
All Rights Reserved J. Carlstad 2008