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SomeAre Solstice - Reflections of the PEACE

A Reflection

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A Reflection

By M. Carter/J. Carlstad 2009


Can you even imagine then,

how it would be

when you find that inner peace

that “place” inside your spirit,

…that essence,

the secret that lights

and fuels your inner fires?


When you find it - that “peace”,

can you imagine how much more

you would be, could be,

how much more you might feel

than ...even now?  Perhaps threefold...

and… perhaps the music would be

all the more expressive,

the songs more lilting,

the thoughts deeper,

and the words, the ideas

even more poetic

than now?


And Life?


Can you imagine how

it could be

when you find that inner space

that peace within the spirit that is - YOU?

Imagine how it would feel

Imagine, just imagine...

and Search…

until – it is REAL…..

Sunset through winter spruce

"Be the Change You Wish To See In The World...." Gandhi
All Rights Reserved J. Carlstad 2008