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Our Heritage, Our Legacy

People fascinate me.  Every person we meet has their own perspective and may be a catalyst for learning or inspiration for writing.  Each and every one becomes important along this journey in some way...  Here are just a few poems to reflect on humanity... 
Click on "Root System" to link with "beginnings" -immigration and expansion of Canada, OR read on below  to continue with reflections upon our soul's journey...


Root System

Viking Forests Poem



By Janina Carlstad

Earth Day 2002


All these years I have danced the dance

I have felt the heart beat of the drum

Have felt the drum beat in my heart…

I have crossed through the seasons of the sweetgrass

I have worn the eagle’s feather.


I have walked across this land

and have heard the singing of  the trees in the wind

I have felt the embrace of the warming sun

Have known the Great Spirit’s whisper

in the moonlit glow of the night


I have sensed the ghost riders

Sweeping through the shadows of smoke rising

 from camps of old

While children play in the dust

Of the Sun Dance grounds


I have watched the rays of the morning

Dawn, and fan across the sky

Like the feathers of the eagle’s wings

soaring over peaks beyond winds of time


I have respected the soul of this earth

The flow of these rivers

The span of vast, intense skies

And, living life

Have become one with nature,

Have come to be one

At peace with myself

In nature…


And now, only now do I find…

In knowing,

Do I find that all these years

I have danced this dance

And - It IS mine to dance,

It is my right,

For I am of this land…

As you are of this land…

We are all of this land – in our own way

Sharing the Peace…

Hiy Hiy!




Water Well……..J. Carlstad


I float    along this river of musing

           a naked vessel

drained of all known connection

     thirsting for fulfillment

absorbing intently

          each  murmur of

                   sound, story, speech


images rip-pl-ing

         flood my senses

 while waves of history

     flow over, around, and through

the seething emptiness inside


            consuming me

                         filling me

     with pictures,

 tales  - droplets mirror the told and untold

         adding channels

 of glaze o’er this urn


fashioned by a master

of inspiration

     and reflection,


           now  yearning

                  for timelessness


decades of learning

        nothing         compared to this           a universe

              revealing secrets 

       filling the receptacle I have become


a  lifetime of questions

             like spaces between the stars

spill over… trickling through tingling senses

         that can never drink their fill

                          soaking up the depth of  knowledge

        until these eyes swim

                         in rivulets

                                           of renewal


                  ready now for an outpouring

                        of all that has been absorbed

                            in an effort to share

to quench 

the thirst of others – to water well…the seeds of learning





By J. M. Carlstad

(...for my collaborator and mentor, Wayne, who helps me "feel the music" and "find my voice"!  Thank you for the words we share!)


A poet of the Peace

she’d write what she’d see

about the river, the people,

the birds and the trees…


She’d say a few words

Aah, ‘tis a ballad

He’d say

And he’d pick up his guitar

Oh, he’d play and he’d play


She’d murmur her thanks

As she quietly looked on

Watching in wonder

while her words turned to song


His notes how they’d gather

Now gentle now strong

Fingers whispering lovingly

Wandering frets and along


Then he’d glance at the maiden

as reading along, she watched

her words, his chords

becoming a song


Yes, he’d pick up his guitar

Oh, he’d play and he’d play

Turning darkness of night

into glorious day

turning chills of the winter

into bright streaming sun

her words and his music

becoming one


Musing about this remarkable skill

The maiden began to write

a newer song still

Oh a song, a song

come sing along


 Quickly he felt it, strumming along

Picking his notes, they came in a throng

His chords how they’d gather

Now gentle, now strong

Fingers whispering lovingly

o’er frets and along


With a touch of light fingers

Dancing over the strings

His blue eyes how they glistened

pulling heart’s strings


She nodded and smiled

Inviting him to sing

A song, a song

Oh come sing along


And together they lifted their voices in song

Filling the air

With music so strong


Thoughts and sights

Life’s wonders, delights

Notes tumbling over

Like notes on a breeze

Gathering momentum

Joining with ease

They sang of

Humanity, peace,

land and trees


With a vision far greater

Than two voices as one

But a vision of unity

Under one sun






Poles of Haida Gwaii

Thank you for reading...please come back and visit again!

"Be the Change You Wish To See In The World...." Gandhi
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