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"People may forget what you say; people may forget what you do; people will NEVER forget how you've made them feel..."
                                - Unknown-

Wheatfields in Bear Canyon, AB
In the land, we find our roots... our link to life

Connectivity is the key. Keeping the network alive and strong is more important yet.  Here are some of my favorite sites of people who share intense vision and a passion for people, nature, music and life within the network of this global home...  We're all in this together to help work towards a healthier environment and a more harmonious humanity...

Collaborators Extraordinaire
Beulah and Janina

Janina, David, and Nicholle

Check out these links to my greatest musical inspirations and catalysts:
NANA (Northern Alberta Native American) Flute Circle

John and Janina
Guitar and Flute Duo

Peace Region Songwriters' Association

Bert Goulet - Composer and Recording Engineer
One Who Sets My Music Free

A Solar Powered Recording Studio with Sound Engineer and Composer - Bert Goulet

Leona Green of Hillspring Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Voss, Norway

Les Bucherons

Music, Theatre, and Dance
Les Bucherons - Ian and Gilbert with Janina collaborating with history and culture

History of Canada portrayed by the dynamic musical theatre company of Les Bucherons!

David Bouchard - Master of Literacy

Windflower Cedar Flutes

O Fallen Branch Flutes

John tuning up before concert

Janina with Tree of Life Flute in F

"Great minds discuss ideas
Average minds discuss events
Small minds discuss people..."
                                        - Eleanor Roosevelt -

"Be the Change You Wish To See In The World...." Gandhi
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