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Poetry from Northern Lands

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Wildlife in the Peace

Haida Gwaii

Land, Sea, and PEACE

Challenges Along the Journey

Vaer Deg Selv (Be Yourself)

Aspen and Terra - A TreeBird's Tale

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Skogli is the phrase my grandfather says explains the origin of our Norwegian name, Skutle.  He said it meant the wooded side of the hill.

Knut Skutle and Janina


By J. (Skutle) Carlstad


Halvlys kommer

Stjærne begjynne å blinke

Nå danser nordlys som musikk hemmelig

Og så er jeg her

I stand here

Where I have always stood

Seeing skies of time where

The snowscape reaches into the dark arms of night

chilling recesses of my mind in clarity…

Until dawn makes its rescue

Beckoning for understanding



Love embraced

Embedded landscapes of my mind

Exploring past reaches of this life


Spring leaves, the scent of newly budded branches

Skogli, the place where I must be

Her må jeg bli

Heart’s life,

Keeping heart and soul alive

In the music that is life

Weeping are the waters

For the dead of winter’s cruel delight


Skogsveien, the forest’s way

med blomster og fugler
like butterflies along my path
music and light lead me along
mountain paths, valleys of vision
Her er vi naa
og her var vi for
in the land where we were led
now leading the way
Keeping heart and soul alive
Survival of humanity
The quest of all time
Skogli, the place where I must be
Her maa jeg bli
Heart's life

Flood to Fire

By J. Carlstad


We’re flowing on this river

Of life

So very fast

Lanes, the roads

We drive ourselves on

Where are we going

Can we be slowing

Shall we reflect on the past?


This warming trend’s

Not from our hearts

But this flood of reality



Is one need

our souls may part

From flood to fire

Let’s raise the hopes higher

Flooded with media images

Firing action before thought

Reflection on humanity

Something that is not


The wonder of wonder

Awareness a cue

The people are crying

In this world of each hue

Hungering for more than

Food for thought



The hope and the knowledge

That this flood is flowing


Must we drown

In the unknowing

Or burn with the flames of a passion

To take action at last?



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"Be the Change You Wish To See In The World...." Gandhi
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