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Wildlife of the Peace

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Backyard Friends

Wildlife abounds in the Peace Country, a diversity of life that enriches every second of every day in all seasons...  and, in observing the wildlife, we learn a lot about life and something of death as well.

Raven Sketch by J Carlstad

Raven, Come My Way

    By J. M. Carlstad


Raven, Raven

Come my way

Share your worldview

With me this day


Never used to see you

Now you’re everywhere I go

Over land and in the sky

A bird that’s in the know


Such a remarkable bird

Sent by our ancestors

Messengers of Odin,

Haida Clan

Well, the British Monarchy

Is even a fan


You bear stories of the past

While living in the present

A life line that seems to last

Through challenge not always pleasant


While everywhere you gaze

With bright inquiring eyes

Soft whistling feathers guide you o’erhead

As you share your music with the skies


Raven loyalties, raven antics

I’m happy that you’re near

Learning, living, laughing

With Freedom always dear


Spirit of the sky world

You see over all

Will you share your secrets

So our world need not fall?


You’re a master recycler

Of food and fact

Your community living

With skills we oft lack


You fly out on your own

Or all of one wing

Your “water music”

Always makes my heart sing


Raven, Raven,

Come my way

Share your worldview

With me this day


Help us all to live

Respect and learn

So we keep our world healthy

As it turns


Help us reflect

On your darkness in the light

and upon knowing life

While it’s burning bright…



Moose cow and calf near Bear Canyon, AB

The Law of the Weary and Worn

J. Carlstad


It’s the Law

Although I don’t feel it fair

All that they have stood for

All that they have born

And now when the sun’s rays

Bring hope

And renewal

It is now that they’re done


They’ve stepped over boundaries

That fence others in

Smoothly moving through depths

Of a cleansing chill

Facing blizzards head on

The onslaught a symbol

Of the trials they bear


They’ve co-existed with the


That often brings them pain

Grinding metal, squealing tires

That mow them down mercilessly

Along life’s most treacherous routes


They’re lacking in sustenance

Branches a bare offering

To the host of many

Wearing, wearing, wearing away…


Until finally

Weary, tired, lost with the effort of survival

A sun’s warm rays offer comfort to tired bones

And settling in the comfort of the afternoon

As the leaves begin to form

And life’s blood once again courses through the limbs of trees and shrubs

The Law takes its own course of action

And now, after all that they’ve been through

All that they’ve born

Time is over and they are done

Survival of the fittest has won.

Winter Sun


Swan Soul

            By J. M. Carlstad




Swans - stream of silver

across skies dusky blue

Soft bugling fills the air


True sign of spring

Renewal is near

shivers of anticipation


down my spine


Eyes fill with wonder

in awe of this flight

sensing again




Soul shuddering,

heart pounding

pumping new blood

with each powerful thrust

through these veins


Winging through life lines

of time


                                    Each spring

it’s like this again


  Sheer exhilaration

springs memories…

Like mercury,

excitement builds up

etching ever more deeply within

my soul


A silver lining in the clouds

swan’s soul in flight

So wild, so sensuously free


The swans, the sky

the dusk’s soft sounds

the freedom, the space

just to “be”…

Blues of Winter Snow

Snow Buntings

           By Janina Carlstad


Swirling, twirling, circling ‘round

Snowbirds, ‘buntings lightly sound


A cloud of white, like swirling flakes

Festoon the sky as their purpose takes

A turn around and away they go

Swirling, twinkling, across the snow…


Upon the road, like bits of sand

They pick up grit, this little band

And suddenly the myriad o’ birds so free

Like cherry blossoms, adorn that tree


Then suddenly, up and away they go

Ethereal, mystical over the snow

As swirling, twirling, circling ‘round,

Flocks of snowbirds lightly sound.

Bluejay on sunflower head

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