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Janina Carlstad - Peace Country Poet

Welcome!  Velkommen! Bien Venue!  Tanisi!  This site is designed to share poetry, photos, and prose of Janina (Skutle) Carlstad, as  inspired by the lands, seas, and peoples of our global society.  It is also designed to invite its readers to share an awareness and appreciation for the nature of our world and that we may all work towards unity, peace within, and harmony with our world.
Original work found on this site is a response of Janina's celebration of the nature and people around us and philosophies and adventures observed in the northern lands and seas in which the poet has roamed or lived.
Please - enjoy... and do come back to visit again.

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A Canadian poet with a Nordic/Celtic flair, Janina (Skutle) Carlstad, is a naturalist, educator, and musician.  She enjoys sharing and celebrating life's journey and awareness of the Peace Country,  northern British Columbia,  Alberta, and other areas of the northern hemisphere in which she has travelled or lived. Writing with intertwining phrases of English, Norwegian, French, and Cree, Janina explores lyrics of the land, sky and sea,  through her poetry of the Peace and pockets of prose.  Janina writes from a variety of experiences and perspectives.  Through her words and spirit, Janina hopes to share the Peace, inspire positive humanitarian and environmental action in a global society, and celebrate wonders of music and nature.

A Few of My Flutes

Janina (SomeAre Solstice Flutes) plays the Native American Style Flute and is a member of the World Flute Society, Renaissance of the North American Flute, and the NANA Flute Circle.  While she enjoys playing solo or in accompaniment of other musicians, Janina's passion for sharing the "flutelore" is seen throughout teacher workshops, school flute programs, fundraisers, and stories/songs/projects generated around sharing the legacy of these flutes.

Mountains of Norway and Canada
Always a connection...always an influence...

"Be the Change You Wish To See In The World...." Gandhi
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