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Our Nature

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Energizing Activities Towards Positive Thinking
Increasingly in this busy and hectic world, we are realizing how important nature is to us...and how we relate to ourselves and each other.  The study  of how we relate to the "Nature within our nature" is often referred to as Eco-psychology.  Briefly, Ecopsychology suggests that as people, we are still a species in our world, and it is important to know and understand our relationship to other species and those ecosystems which support us all.  Sustainability is a key term here as well, because without understanding how our Earth may be sustained, we, as a species, will not be able to survive so well either...  Consequently, understanding our bond with nature externally and internally, becomes increasingly integral to our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
In our daily lives, we face many challenges which we can not avoid.  We can, however, fortify our spirit and soul...endeavoring to keep our sense of hope and joy alive, by increasing our awareness of nature and nurturing ourselves in a variety of ways:
1)  Good nutrition is one way of ensuring that we may be as healthy as we can be...
2) Celebrate the moments in our lives, ie. a beautiful sunrise, a child's laugh, a warm and tasty cup of coffee
3) Have a visit with a good friend.
4) Write your thoughts down in a letter, poem, song, or journal.  Sometimes recording our thoughts helps us work through our journey.  If you wish to get rid of unwanted thoughts - tear up the paper or burn it, after you've written those thoughts down.
5)  Keep interests and hobbies alive...they will challenge you and involve you.
6)  Consider travelling.
7)  Study/Follow a Faith, or some element of life that inspires you.
8) Study and share in the wonders of nature.
9)  Exercise and/or go for a walk.
10) Do something kind or helpful for someone.
11) Visualize and calm yourself through relaxation or meditation.  I have written and provided several Visualization journeys for you here.  I have found these to be thought provoking and relaxing...and hope that you will as well.  Please feel free to try them out!
In Peace....  Janina


Visualizing a scene or situation that calms and provides peace, is one way of dealing with stressful and difficult situations as one brings their body into a more restful state.
The following visual journeys have been provided for you to help guide your thoughts and feelings into relaxation and rejuvenation.  Click on the journey that you would like to share.  Then, either print the journey off to read and re-read at your leisure, or have someone close to you read the words softly to you while you visualize and find peace within yourself!  Namaste!
For more information about finding peace within, either through ecopsychology, healing music, or reflection upon values in humanity, there is so much to be found online.  My journey has acquainted me with the following mentors who guide me in furthering my understanding in these areas.  To find out more about them, please click on the links provided below:
Dr. Michael DeMaria, of Ontos, is an Eco-psychologist with many interviews and philosophies available regarding this healing concept, flute music, and nature on Youtube and online. 
**Herb Stanley with Chinook Wind Music - soothing music/Artist  of the Ward with University of Alberta Hospital.
*** The Seven Sacred Teachings - by David Bouchard

The Seven Sacred Teachings

*** OF SPECIAL NOTE:   Finding the Peace Within as it relates to ecopsychology continues to be an area of research, speculation, and practice with the author of this website...  Janina wishes to thank the following people for their continued support, guidance, and inspiration with regards to her work and lifelong learning in this area:
Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria
David Bouchard
Martin Carter
Beulah Phillpot
Greg Wandling

Welcoming woodlands

"Be the Change You Wish To See In The World...." Gandhi
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