SomeAre Solstice - Reflections of the PEACE


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Vast, spacious, expansive...
You let your mind explore the horizon
while your eyes follow the waving grasses
and meandering streams
flowing towards the hills nestled
in the distant glow.
A herd of buffalo grazes contentedly
in the distance, and a broad-winged hawk
soars lazily overhead.
Your eyes wander across the space as
you sit down upon a comfortable rock.
The sun warms your back
and you stretch,
easing your muscles one by one
into the silence with
only a whisper of a song sparrow
reaching your quietening mind.
Then, listening to the steady chirp of the crickets
and the quiet coo of a mourning dove,
you feel yourself become calm...
your heartrate slows to a steady beat
and your breathing is slow and deep
as you repeat,
"I am calm. I am calm.  I am calm". 

"Be the Change You Wish To See In The World...." Gandhi
All Rights Reserved J. Carlstad 2008