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Peace and the Land

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Winter Skies

The PEACE and the Land
These poems are a few of my favorites - I hope you enjoy them!


For 4-5 months each year, the winter nights offer a blue and silver glow, which allows the eye to pick out details and movement clearly in the moonlight as if it were the light of day.  This poem was written at approximately 2 a.m. as the moonlight of just such a night in the winter sky cast shadows across the frozen and sleeping land… Or is it a land which sleeps?


The Silver of the Night

By Janina Carlstad


The shadows reach out from the trees

Extended by the lengthening day

And in the nights of winter’s snow

Reach out in moonlight’s play


Silver are the snowy fields

Beneath the midnight blue

Aurora borealis play

And stars come in to view


Crystal clear, the moonlight

Glows in a beckoning way

“tis sure that snow so dark yet bright

Would not seem the same by day.


Long they stretch, the shadows

From the trees out to the fields

Who or what moves with them

Imagination yields…


Still my thoughts reach out there

Upon these spaces wide

As wintry silvery moonlight

Calls to somewhere deep inside


Such beauty is a mystery

Luminescence holds the night

Intrigue and wonder is all about

As cast within moon’s light…



Winter In the Peace

            By Janina Carlstad


Dark and deep the river flows

Amidst the hills and winter’s snow

Rippling waters of life, they show

Shimmering, glinting in the afternoon glow.


Then from the hills, with wings spread wide

Through the skies, an eagle glides

Wings outstretched, proud head, tail fanned

Master of this sky, this land.


The eagle’s flight sweeps o’er the river

Setting the hearts of wild things ‘a quiver

Synonymous with freedom, peace, wild pride

Hills, River of Peace, an eagle’s glide…


Dark and deep, the river flows

Around and through the winter snows.


Finn-ish the Fire

J. Carlstad


I look across this frozen land

 Black spruce laden with snow

Night’s blue darkness all around

Ice gleams

from the roads

Leading to searing heat

Which scorches my very heart

Tendrils of icy flame


compared to  fires


in my soul


Haunting notes raise

Joyous melancholy

In the abyss that is my




A trail

Of eternity


An addiction

Fulfilled          reliant

Upon that


Calling wildness from within

The frozen landscape




Ice      snow     shadows

Unexpected pain                     again


Cold pale sun

A few rays

      questioning                        warmth

the voice – breathless, appealing,                 yearning

Embracing my soul


 Urgency strikes those chords in my heart

Holding my mind       

Chilling the restlessness thoughts       my quest



            Spiralling round and round

                        Swirling thoughts

Fill the snowscape

      And in the darkness

                                    I rest

Life’s force

Comforted ‘midst fire and ice


A life

          Oh voice of voices

                               in my mind

no more Void

only longing



In the barrens

Filled with life

In the barrens

The face, the space of death…

Wherein we finish

The fires

From which we came

From which we rise again





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