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Vaer Deg Selv (Be Yourself)

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Trust your heart

Believe in truth

Be yourself


Tillit til ditt hjerte

Tro på sannhet

    Vær deg selv!!

                                                                      (Linnaea's Force)

Viking Messiahs Navigating Through Contemporary Storms

A Work In Progress - Janina is currently performing her narrative of her upcoming book, Vaer Deg Selv (Be Yourself).  This multimedia performance is a Norse saga of viking exploration in pre-Christian times... a tale of challenge and conquest, love, loss, finding the past in the present, future quests...and a contemporary challenge! It is a quest for finding "purity of purpose" in life, being yourself, and enjoying the journey along the way...
Presented through pictures from the Queen Charlotte Islands (in northern British Columbia, Canada)...Vaer Deg Selv is a photographic journey for the eyes and soul.  See below for excerpts and photos....  Vaer Deg Selv will also be accompanied by a CD soundtrack.
"I could just listen to that story over and over"... Wendy Dokken, Sons of Norway Member, April 5th, Rolla Hall, Rolla, BC.
"Magical!  The story is just magical!" Sons of Norway Guest at 45th Anniversary, Rolla Hall, Rolla, BC.


Excerpt from Vaer Deg Selv

1067 –


A maiden of Jotunheimen

Linnaea stood

As if a seabird


ready to soar into the blue

but she simply stood




Atop the rocky outcrop
she scanned the horizon
humming expectantly
feeling him, sensing him
before his ship crested the seascape
flanked by thunderous clouds of Thor
a slim hawk
challenging the dark onslaught
of tempestuous waves to come
past tall mountains of green velvet
rising up
to meet the northern sky
and while sea eagles watched
the longship drew to safety near shore
its dragon's head looming powerfully
above the frothing surf
A shout roared over the waves
and burley men
barged out, dispersing quickly
amongst the waiting throng...
All save One,
Haakon the Fair ...




His gaze took in the snowswept rocky outcropping

And the windworn shoreline

Where in the distance

He felt

More than saw

her presence



His longship sailed


Over distant waters

Depths of discovery

Depths of Hel

A challenge and a race
where over all it was HIS
where ever his eyes fell
At one with this sea and
His Norse blood felt free
Tall and spare
he stood at the helm
singing the songs of the sea
of life, death, what it was to be free
long fair hair flowing
in the cool sun's rays
and his men took heart
to see their leader
rejoice in these days

Depths of Haakon's Desire

"Be the Change You Wish To See In The World...." Gandhi
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