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The Riled Flowers

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Riled Flowers

Linda, Barb, and Janina - The Riled Flowers - Bill Studley photo

Under the Willow
the Riled Flowers grow
and the songbirds sing
as people come and go
while Under the Willow
the Riled Flowers grow...

"Riled Flowers" practicing their lineup

Riled Flowerz at Canada Day Celebrations - Photo by B. Studley

Flute Introductions - Photo by Bill Studley
Riled Flowerz at Pioneer Village - B Studley photo

The Riled Flowers are:
Barb Munro, Linda Connell Studley, and Janina Carlstad,
The Riled Flowers specialize in Celtic, Folk, and Original Music... singing, playing guitar, bodhran, banjo, tin whistle, and Native American Style Flutes...


"Be the Change You Wish To See In The World...." Gandhi
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